The First Mt. Fuji Wagyu Beef Arrived in Singapore


Mt. Fuji beef are bred in the best environment:

1. Temperature difference of 45°C or more throughout the year
2. Natural water from the basalt rock of Mt. Fuji
3. Natural mist of Asagiri Plateau
4. Wind blowing down from Mt. Fuji
5. A quiet ranch 13 km from Mount Fuji crater

Commitment of Mt. Fuji beef
Our rancher thoroughly examined the best environment for the cows and searched for a ranch
My Fuji Wagyu
  • Japan No.1 height difference
    Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the production base of Mt. Fuji Wagyu is located, is an area full of nature with clean water and air in the southwest of Mt. Fuji. This area is characterized by the Japan highest height difference. The lowest point is 35 meters above sea level, and the highest point is 3776 meters at the summit of Mt. Fuji. The spring water and volcanic ash soil from the basalt rocks of Mt. Fuji, where the temperature difference caused by this height difference,created a rich land and created the best livestock farming environment.

  • The blessings of natural mist, Asagiri Plateau
    There is a ranch site of 400,000 square meters on the Asagiri Plateau at an altitude of 850 meters. Among the investigations conducted by experts, what we paid the most attention to was the efficacy of fog, as the place name suggests. The effect of dropping dirt and viruses from the air to the surface of the earth was surpassed by observation data even in Fujinomiya City, which has clean air.
Water is the most important factor. Vanadium water from Mt. Fuji
  • Underground water polished by 100,000-year-old strata
    The underground water of Mt. Fuji is highly dissolved in vanadium.  This is because Mt. Fuji is a volcano formed by the eruption of a large amount of basaltic magma containing a large amount of vanadium over a period of about 100,000 years. There are no rivers on Mt. Fuji, and the water that seeps into the ground is rich in vanadium while slowly seeping through the hot basalt layer consisting of seven layers.

  • Installed a pump that pumps 100L per minute on the farm
    According to expert research reports, the water pumped up at the farm is natural mineral water with better research results than the commercially available vanadium water that we usually drink. All cattle are fattened using this Mt. Fuji vanadium water.

  • Knowing that 60% of a person's body weight is water, they value water as a source of health.  We dig pump wells and use vanadium water to give the cows the best water.
The wind blows down from Mt. Fuji and up from the sea
  • Mt. Fuji with the wind blowing through the grassland is the strongest wind in Japan. According to the wind data of Mt. Fuji from the Japan Meteorological Agency, there are 121 days a year when the maximum wind speed exceeds 20 meters, which is equivalent to typhoons, and 11.4 days when the maximum wind speed exceeds 30 meters.  The foot of Mt. Fuji, which has no obstacles, is drawn by this wind and is well ventilated.

  • At the foot of Mt. Fuji, a rich plateau nurtures cows. At Asagiri Ranch, which overlooks Suruga Bay with the sacred peak Mt. Fuji in the background, the wind flows quietly through the grassland. If you appreciate the workings of nature and open your heart, you can see how the rich plateau gently nurtures the cows. It may be thanks to the wind flowing through the grassland that visitors are surprised when they do not smell it uniformly. 

  • The environment surrounding Asagiri Ranch, located within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park area, promises sustainable environmental protection.
Why we can provide Mt. Fuji Beef to everyone with peace of mind?
All wagyu beef which NIKUSHO TANAKA imported has an individual identification number.  By searching for the ID number assigned to each cow, it is possible to trace the history of when and where the cow was born, raised and slaughtered. 
Reason for good taste :
  1. Living happily in a stress-free environment  ---> Meat becomes sweeter

  2. Drinking vanadium water which has lots of mineral ---> Reduce fat, that's why we don't feel greasy even if it is marbled meat.

  3. Growing in a cool place Cows eat well.  If it is very hot area, cow has no appetite and not eat well ---> Meat becomes tasty and juicy

We don't buy at the market price.  Only satisfied cows are purchased. Nikusho Tanaka import only selected cows visiting a local ranch.
In a cold room installed in our store, temperature and quality control are carried out every day by Japanese professional butcher.

We are proud to offer the highest quality domestic black beef of A5.  A5 meat is very expensive even in Japan. However, we strive every day to provide really good Wagyu beef in Singapore at affordable prices.


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